Exhibit Technology at the BP Tradeshow Booth

Exhibit Technology Rising to New Levels

Walking into an exhibit hall today is nowhere near the experience it was just five years ago. For those of us who are involved in any aspect of tradeshows and exhibits, we’ve witnessed the transformation firsthand. Static, pop-up tradeshow booths with brochure holders and fishbowls for business cards are in the past. When we walk into an exhibition hall today, the technology and stimulation is staggering.

Large screen LED and monitors, projection, 3D mapping, interactive touchscreens, kinetic motion, and the popular 4K resolution displays, just to name a few, have taken over. Not only are the visual aspects vivid and eye-catching, but also today’s technology allows us to create any shape and/or object to portray the image we want and increase booth traffic through the show.

Importance of Exhibit Technology

Although the tradeshow environment has visually and interactively changed, one goal remains the same – develop new business opportunities. We’ve just discovered better methods to accomplish our goal. Digital booths allow exhibitors to easily customize a variety of content mediums, using eye catching displays and creating an interactive experience.

Developing new business opportunities at a tradeshow is based on three key factors, and the technology available to us takes us closer to achieving our goal:

  1. Maximizing Exposure
  2. Creating Memorable Experiences
  3. Generating Leads

Maximizing Exposure

Exhibiting at a tradeshow is live advertising, but we only get one chance to get the audiences’ attention (there are not multiple editions with our ads coming out). Exhibitors are creating three-dimensional, multimedia displays and taking advantage of the flexibility to create designs, elements, shapes, and more using LED, 3D projection mapping and seamless tiles to present their company’s message. This is the first step in getting the attendees’ attention.

Creating Memorable Experiences

We’ve gotten the attendees attention – now how do we entice them into our space? While it used to be the highest trafficked booth was the company offering the best drawing – today, it’s all about the experience we’re offering. Exhibitors are becoming more creative in developing interactive experiences to draw in attendees and it’s working. For example, attendees may be able to create their own music video, play spin to win using kinetic technology, or a touchscreen trivia game. We’ve learned it’s worth the chunk of our tradeshow budget to create an engaging experience, because it also breaks the ice and encourages conversation. We get the opportunity to share more about our company while learning more about potential opportunities.

Generating Leads

Do you remember the fishbowls of business cards and paper brochures mentioned earlier? While the physical aspects of collecting leads and handing out collateral are gone, the concept is still relevant – now, it’s integrated within our interactive experiences. Attendees are still sharing contact information but they are entering it through custom gaming apps, interactive touchscreen displays, or even using RFID or NFC technology to capture contact information and generate custom content for each attendee. These types of technology allow us to capture the information we want and follow up after the show according to the attendee’s specific interest. Lead collection and data is the single most important part of a company’s exhibit…all the pizzazz is how we capture information.

Executing Full Production Exhibits

Before technology took over, we used to go to one, maybe two, vendors to create a booth – the exhibit house and maybe a contract graphic designer. Today, we have the exhibit house, audio visual provider, content creator, and app designer and developer, at the very least. One of the most common mistakes we make is not bringing in all of our providers at the onset of the project, as they will need to work together to seamlessly integrate all aspects of our exhibit. The results of not bringing our vendor partners together often create unnecessary and costly obstacles, and we may not get the results we want.

That said, our AV solutions provider has become critical when it comes to executing our vision on the tradeshow floor. Before designing a booth, it’s important to consult with our AV engineers and specialists to discuss our vision, goal, and the overall theme. Working with a first-rate, experienced company gives us the opportunity to learn about technology or techniques we weren’t aware of to make a bigger impact on the floor.

Once the technology has been discussed, it’s time to get everyone together. Begin the design and build of a structure to support the video and multimedia displays, audio, equipment and interactive gaming components. Working with the right AV provider, they will take on the project management with the various vendors to ensure all needs are met and our exhibit is executed as planned.

Using Exhibit Technology for Success

Exhibit technology helps business owners and marketers meet their objectives on the show floor – drive booth traffic, create a memorable brand experience, and increase lead generation. More and more exhibitors continue to take their tradeshow presence to the next level, creating a domino effect on the show floor. By taking advantage of the technology available today, exhibitors can better engage visitors by customizing the content to the audience. In every day life, the technology we use is personal, interactive, and fulfills a need. The technology in an exhibit should behave in the same manner to resonate with the audience to capture and keep their attention.

A Partner You Can Trust

It’s important to collaborate with a partner who helps you understand the technology available to you and how it can be incorporated to effectively accomplish the goal of your event. OSA International, Inc., has been instrumental in the digital transformation of all types of events, including custom exhibits at tradeshows. OSA’s video team is recognized in the event and entertainment industry for their expertise and flawless execution of custom video and multimedia displays – a partner you can trust.

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