Audio Technology

We Deliver the Right Technology for Your Event

Our inventory is exponentially diverse and one of the largest in the industry, designed to be the right choice for any type of event and venue. Not only do we have the largest inventory but also the most impressive of leading edge technologies in the world. From having the largest inventory of Martin Audio’s award-winning MLA in North America, and second in the world, to being an industry leader in RF and communication technologies. Our reputation for being on the cutting edge of new technology and for having a large team of respected engineers on staff means we are often approached by major audio manufacturers to collaborate, review, and provide input on the latest equipment. This allows us to keep a pulse on the market and more importantly assures us, and you, these manufacturers and new technologies will continue to improve and evolve, as we need.

Working with us, you benefit from getting the most in advanced technology and superior sound quality in any venue. Advances in technology have been critical to trends in the event industry. You are expected to make the next event better than the last. It must outshine, it must be unique, it must be memorable, and you need to create that moment people talk about for years.

As a result we see a giant shift towards creating a unique environment in non-traditional venues, such as empty warehouses, museums, open fields, waterfronts, parking lots, and even hotel pools. These types of venues are not designed to provide the best acoustics, yet sound quality is one of the most important factors for any event. We have the technology and the expertise to ensure your audience experiences truly extraordinary sound wherever you hold your event.