Audio Services

Success is as Important to Us as it is to You

OSA has a long-standing reputation for setting the industry standard in excellence and value-added audio services, engineering, and design in live events and entertainment. Partnering with us, you have the confidence that comes with working with the best talent in the business. We not only listen to the audio system and tune it to perfection, but we listen to you and truly understand the demands and challenges of your event at the onset of any project.

The industry’s best sound engineers guide you through the process, and consult you on the direction, technology, design, and technical services to guarantee a flawless execution at your event. The breadth of knowledge you experience with our team is a result of our longevity in the industry as well as the continuing education for our entire staff. This experience and our results have given us the reputation we’ve earned with technical directors, producers, and production companies.

To kick-off a project, your sound engineer works with you to fully understand your goals and needs before creating a detailed needs analysis. The engineer then develops a comprehensive pre-production and custom design plan, which is created for each and every event. These include three-dimensional CAD models of acoustically engineered sound systems to visually and aurally predict the acoustical environment of any given space as well as detailed engineering drawings for installation, operation, and event safety. The same engineers install and operate your system – working continuously throughout the event to fine tune the results and guarantee a clear and focused transmission of your message to the audience.

When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing every seat in the house is the best seat for every member of the audience. We ensure the entire audience hears your message, and experiences the performance, as you want, regardless if they are in the front row or in the back of the balcony. You can count on us to deliver truly extraordinary sound every time and within your budget.

After the final curtain, we will provide you with an extensive follow-up and debrief of our services to assure we met your goals and delivered a flawless execution.