Multimedia & Video Services

Dedicated to Bringing Your Visions to Reality

OSA is a partner you can rely on to provide you with an unprecedented level of event, and multimedia and video services every step of the way. We provide more than just solutions, we provide a dedicated team of industry legends with the knowledge and expertise to consult you on the direction, technology, design support, technical services, and final execution.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and educated professionals. Our engineers and operators continuously assess new technology and functionality to ensure we are offering our clients the best-of-breed multimedia and video solutions. As new technology emerges, our team proactively engages in training to ensure flawless execution at your event, every time.

Our clients are assigned an experienced project manager who provides detailed planning, from pre-production to post review, delivering the best service, solutions, and maintaining the overall budget while still achieving your vision. We have a reputation of taking the most innovative ideas and creating an environment that exceeds your expectations and resonates with the audience, whether it is a corporate event, exhibition hall, meeting, or live performance.