OSA International, Inc.

OSA International, Inc. Migrates to Clear-Com HelixNet® Partyline™ to Enhance Event Communications

OSA International Continues to Invest in New Technology to Provide its Clients with the Highest Level of Event Technical Services

OSA International, Inc., one of the industry’s leading audio visual solutions providers for live events and entertainment, announces its transition over the past year from the standard analog partyline to the Clear-Com® HelixNet™ Partyline, the industry’s first digital network-based partyline intercom system to enhance onsite event communications.

“Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with the most efficient service and solution for their events and ensure we help make their job easier,” says OSA’s CEO & Founder Mario Educate. “We take this into consideration for every new process implemented and technology acquired. Clear-Com’s HelixNet Partyline is our onsite event communication of choice because of its exceptional audio quality, flexibility, ease of use, and expandable platform ensures all technical aspects of an event are executed as planned.”

Onsite production communications between engineers, technical teams, producers and other key professionals is a critical element to executing an event successfully. It’s imperative to have ongoing, reliable communication between personnel at all times from anywhere within the venue. Above that, the system has to be easy and sound great. Ultimately, communication is the most important aspect of every show, and when the event teams are wearing a com set for 12 to 16 hours a day the quality has to be there.

“We evaluated HelixNet before it was released to the market, and we saw the next generation of event communications,” says OSA’s Vice President Jim Risgin. “Over the past year we have nearly migrated all of our conventional partyline systems to HelixNet, based on our technical teams and clients feedback. Bottom line results are the system is user friendly, simple to implement, and the reliability is unmatched. Our ability to communicate without fail allows us all to do our designated jobs onsite and on cue every time.  Add to this, the fact HelixNet is configurable without computers or system resets adds to the clients confidence the system will perform with ease every time.”

The HelixNet difference noted by clients, engineers and technicians:

  • Premium sound quality with no interference, matching the best digital matrix system available
  • Flexibility for any user on any station to access the channel they need at anytime throughout a single event
  • Easily add multiple channels and stations within seconds to meet client needs
  • New additions to the product line, including the remote station and the speaker station, give the flexibility of a matrix system with the ease of a standard partyline system
  • Multiple system interfaces allow seamless interface to any com system, such as 2 wire, 4 wire or network
  • Cable agnostic, supporting any passive splitter or cable combination to be used at any length with no limitations commonly associated with other digital partyline systems

OSA has one of the largest and exponentially diverse inventories within the industry, with the most impressive of leading edge technologies in the world. By having complete quality control over its inventory, OSA has the advantage of truly understanding the technology and being able to give its clients the best results.


About OSA International, Inc.

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