PBC Video Scoreboard Using Absen LED

OSA International, Inc. Significantly Increases Video and Multimedia Technology

OSA International, Inc. Supplements Inventory with Absen LED, Barco Processors and New 4K Technologies

Las Vegas, Chicago and Nashville – OSA International, Inc., one of the industry’s leading custom technical services providers for live events and entertainment, continues to nurture its reputation for being at the forefront of event technology by proactively keeping a pulse on new equipment and trends in the industry.

Event technology continuously evolves year over year, giving producers and event planners the support to take their creativity to the next level. As a technical service provider for live events and entertainment, OSA feels it is important to have the right technology and professional talent on hand to take its clients’ visions to reality – always striving to exceed expectations for every event.

“We own the majority of the equipment we use on show site for quality control, gear proficiency, and to help our clients stay within budget by reducing or eliminating sub–rentals,” says OSA International’s CEO and Founder Mario Educate. “As event technology advances, we ensure we have a wide variety of equipment and the right solutions to create a positive and memorable experience for our clients.”

“Another benefit of owning the equipment is our specialized teams have the opportunity to learn and master the technology to maximize its capabilities before getting to show site,” adds Educate.

When it comes to multimedia and video display technology, OSA has one of the largest and advanced inventories of Barco and Absen LED, LED scenic video and lighting, flat panel displays, film screens, HD multi–imaging, video projection, HD and SD camera systems, 4K technology and multimedia processing systems. Most recently, OSA added to its inventory to include the following new event technology:

  • Absen LED – 3.9mm, 7.25mm and 20mm mesh
  • Barco E2 – 4K Screen Management
  • Barco Image Pro II Jr.
  • Sony® BRC–Z330 HD CMOS Cameras
  • Sound Devices Pix 270i Recorders

This year, 2000 of OSA’s new Absen HD LED tiles are displayed on the set of NBC’s Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), encasing the impressive 180,000-pound structure suspended above the ring. OSA, the technical production company, production company, and technical service provider, has been touring throughout North America with PBC since March, delivering custom video solutions for each match and using the latest technology to achieve the grand effect designed by PBC’s Production Designer Bruce Rodgers, owner of Tribe Design.

OSA is responsible for accomplishing some of the most creative and inspiring displays today. Working closely with its clients from the onset of the project, OSA’s video team defines goals, and looks at every angle to choose the best technology, or designs custom solutions, to take the vision to fruition. Knowing there is only one chance to get it right, OSA defines a contingency plan and builds redundancies into each system to eliminate any potential issues.

Learn more information about OSA’s inventory and new technology on its website.

Premier Boxing Champions's Impressive LED Display using Absen LED

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