Daniel Bellestri, Account Executive, OSA

OSA Hires New A/V Integration Specialist

Commercial A/V Systems Specialist Daniel Bellestri Joins OSA International, Inc.

Chicago, IL–– Daniel Bellestri joins the Integrated Solutions division of OSA International, Inc. (OSA).  Mr. Bellestri is based out of OSA’s Wood Dale office, about twenty miles west of Chicago.  He will be responsible for expanding sales in the Integrated Solutions division by developing new business relationships and overseeing fixed and temporary A/V installations and renovations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bellestri’s technical career began in the 90’s working in sound contracting, remote broadcasting for radio and IT for companies in the Detroit area.  With several IT certifications including MCP, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+, he was able to produce reliable engineering solutions to his customers time after time, always looking for the solution that would be most relevant for his client.  His positive attitude and skillset were a value-add and appreciated by his colleagues.

In 2011 Bellestri took a risk and moved to Chicago.  There he worked as an A2 for various production companies while taking classes.  Bellestri earned a Bachelor of Arts in Audio, Arts & Acoustics, majoring I Live and Installed Sound, from Columbia College Chicago.  Upon graduation, he started working for an A/V integration company installing commercial systems.  Wanting to further his career, he moved into the role of sales engineer where he worked on every phase of the project.  Bellestri holds several A/V industry certifications, including Biamp Systems’ TesiraFORTÉ, Q-SYS Level 1, OSHA-10 and CTS.

Operations Manager Lisa Ruggiero comments, “Daniel has an impressive knowledge-base in several markets that we want to expand our presence in, like houses of worship.  When we met him, the entire Integrated Solutions department at OSA felt very comfortable with him and knew he would be a great asset and team player!  We are all very excited to have Dan on the team and see how he can help grow our sales in these markets.”

About OSA Integrated Solutions, Powered by OSA International, Inc.
OSA Integrated Solutions, the systems integration division of OSA International, Inc., designs, integrates and installs multi-platform control systems for both commercial and residential applications.  With offices in Chicago, Las Vegas and Nashville, as well as global partnerships, OSA delivers cutting-edge engineering, audio systems, LED and video technologies, and automation systems that are second-to-none in quality, implementation and execution.  Our work, creating extraordinary A/V experiences in your business or home, is our greatest advertising tool.  For more information, contact OSA International, Inc. at: (877) 672-4685 (877-OSA-INTL), connect@osacorp.com, www.OSAcorp.com

Kevin McKnight

OSA Announces New Vice President of Business Development

Kevin McKnight Brings Thirty Years of Live Event Technical Management and Sales Experience to OSA

Nashville, TN––OSA International, Inc. (OSA) welcomes Kevin McKnight as Vice President of Business Development. McKnight joins OSA with thirty years of experience in the technical management of live events.  Mr. McKnight will be responsible for developing new business relationships and overseeing the sales team to ensure overall client satisfaction. 

Mr. McKnight began his career at the most magical place on earth.  As a live event technician, he grew his experience fulfilling the role as the parkwide tech lead at the Magic Kingdom as well as developing and touring Disney’s live shows throughout North America.  McKnight left a legacy of better work habits and positivity with his energy and outlook. 

Having found a love of mixing sound while moonlighting for a small blues club, McKnight joined On Stage Audio, now OSA International, Inc.,as an audio engineer in 1996.  He managed all aspects of live sound for events from inception to completion.  McKnight’s work with On Stage Audio during this time aided in establishing OSA’s reputation for excellence in system design, customer service and technical ability in the live events industry.  He left OSA in 2006 to hone his management and sales experience in the industry. McKnight comments, “OSA’s desire to be the best in the industry has not changed since my departure. The company has evolved tremendously, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be involved in future business development.”

President & CEO Mario C. Educate announced McKnight’s return to OSA International, Inc. earlier this fall.  “I am happy to share that Kevin McKnight is returning to OSA as Vice President of Business Development.  He has worked for some of the most reputable companies in our industry, bettering his departments time and time again.  Five years ago, we opened a small office in Nashville. The city has treated us well and we are enthusiastic about growing our services there.  Kevin will have a key role in our upcoming expansion plans in Nashville and throughout the southeast region.”

About OSA International, Inc.
OSA International, Inc. is a global technical services provider for live events and entertainment. With offices in Chicago, Las Vegas and Nashville, as well as global partnerships, OSA delivers cutting-edge engineering, audio systems, LED and video technologies that are second-to-none in quality, implementation and execution.  Our work, creating remarkable live events of every type and scale, is our greatest advertising tool.  For more information, contact OSA International, Inc. at: (877) 672-4685 (877-OSA-INTL), connect@osacorp.com, www.OSAcorp.com

OSA Supports David Foster with Martin Audio at Ravinia Festival

Ravinia Park, IL––When David Foster’s “The Hitman” tour passed through the Ravinia Festival outside of Chicago, OSA International had double the responsibility as the gear provider for the Martin Audio MLA system installed for Ravinia’s summer season and as the tour’s production company, providing the touring audio and LED elements.

Founded in 1904, Ravinia is the oldest outdoor music festival in North America with a roster of high caliber artists such as Foster gracing its amphitheater every summer.

Asked about the MLA system at Ravinia used for the show, OSA’s Peter Wiejaczka who has worked with Ravinia since MLA was first installed in the Pavilion several years ago responds, “We provide eight MLA with two MLD a side, three MLX subs a side on stage, and six W8LM for front fill.

“The main challenge for Ravinia is meeting the SPL limits at the venue and in the village beyond the property line. There’s a residential zone about 100 ft. from the stage, so eliminating excessive noise is paramount and MLA affords us the control to do that very effectively.

“MLA also provides a level of consistency from show to show so the Ravinia sound crew can ensure a consistent product for the touring acts that come throughout the summer season. They wanted a system that was easy to work with and could consistently reproduce accurate mixes.”

Rob Laseau, one of the Ravinia house audio team from Chicago IATSE Local 2 adds, “After hundreds of shows, I’m still amazed at the detail I can hear through the Martin Audio MLA system.”

OSA’s Peter Wiejaczka concludes, “the system provides very even front to back coverage in the space despite building restrictions that forced us to fly the arrays very far apart, so the mix is the same wherever you’re seated. I continually hear from members of the Ravinia staff and guest engineers how they can hear detail with MLA they’ve never heard with other systems.” OSA’s Peter Brennan who mixed monitors for the tours, adds “the system is very quiet on stage because of its rear rejection capability.”

According to Brennan, the monitor system for the tour includes, “12 Martin Audio XE300’s with an SX218 as drum sub. The XE300’s are great! They deliver amazing performance from a low physical profile. They can get really loud and remain stable with no hot spots or feedback at certain points, which is very helpful because David has many guest artists from different genres, of whom we have to adjust to pretty quickly.

“For this tour, three artists performed the songs David is most known for with Pia Toscano singing the Celine Dion songs he wrote and produced, Shelea Frazier performing the Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston hits, and Fernando Varela singing David’s best operatic material including Andrea Bocelli songs. The music is pretty dynamic, it’s like a story teller’s tour with David recapping his life and career through the music.”

“When running sound for a 16-time Grammy award winning producer, there are no exceptions that allow for poor or average sound. With these wedges and with MLA, we can work in the studio or on the road with the same level of sonic quality.”

Photo Gallery

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The OSA and Local Two Teams at the 2018 Ravinia Festival

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OSA Supports David Foster with Martin Audio at Ravinia Festival” by Martin Audio Ltd.

OSA Deploys Martin Audio Wavefront Precision at Corporate Event

Dallas, TX––OSA International recently solved problems at a business conference in Grapevine, Texas with a PA system consisting of Martin Audio WPC and WPM speakers.

Brought in by event producer agencyEA for audio, video, lighting, staging and production, OSA realized that the acoustic challenges of a hotel ballroom, the need for uniform coverage plus the event’s weight and rigging descriptions led them to one inescapable conclusion.

As OSA’s Brian Daily explains, “the biggest challenge was getting a PA that could throw at least 100 feet for the mains and 65 to 70 ft. in the center, with the powered control we needed for the space we were working with. Given the weight restrictions and rigging issues we faced, the only PA that made sense was Martin Audio’s WPC system.

“In terms of control, we needed to keep sound off of the stage as much as possible because of the presenters, talent show contestants and the concert night entertainment, Blues Traveler, were onstage. This is something Martin Audio is known for.”

The actual system included two clusters of eight Martin Audio WPC for left and right mains plus four center-flown clusters of four WPM for center and front fill coverage.

Asked about the choice of Wavefront Precision for this event, Brian adds, “It’s a great-sounding PA, with everything you could possibly need in terms of being light weight and easy to rig.

“Best of all, the client was incredibly pleased with the outcome. They were already talking about their next meeting.

“In terms of Wavefront Precision overall, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this PA, it’s just amazing. I really appreciate the seamless transitions between the WPC and WPM cabinets, combined with the impact those boxes have on the listening experience. I just got back from a difficult show in Boston where we used the Wavefront Precision and I could not imagine having used any other PA in that venue.”

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“OSA Deploys Martin Audio Wavefront Precision at Corporate Event” by Martin Audio Ltd.

OSA Supports Chicago Opera Production of Jesus Christ Superstar with Martin Audio

Chicago, IL––The Lyric Opera of Chicago’s award-winning production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” featured a full complement of Martin Audio MLA Compact and CDD-LIVE supplied by OSA International, Inc.

Originally staged in Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre in London for what turned out to be a sold-out run, the production had to be completely reimagined for the Lyric Opera House a venerable, high-ceilinged space with its own set of challenges.

Asked about the production, OSA’s Peter Wiejaczka explains, “We’ve developed a relationship with the Lyric as a consultant based on a successful replacement of their speech systems with Martin Audio CDD. The sound designer for ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ Nick Lidster from Autograph in London, and other members of the original production team were brought in to match the phenomenal results achieved in Regent’s Park. Lidster contacted Martin Audio’s Nigel Meddemmen to assist with the design for the Lyric Opera House using MLA Compact.”

The system includes 16 MLA Compact enclosures per side arrayed lower than usual—in order, as Nigel points out, “to ensure we could reach right under all three balconies and avoid using the house under balcony fills. Nick specifically didn’t want to use the house system as it wouldn’t match the tonality of the MLA Compact. This worked perfectly as there was excellent coverage to the back of every balcony.”

Given the low rigging height, the MLA Compact had to be flown low out in front of the proscenium to avoid blocking sight lines, which makes them very visible to audiences, a deliberate move in this case to reinforce the original concept of Rock Opera.

In addition to the mains there are 16 CDD-LIVE speakers mounted in the wings and all over the stage to ensure the monitoring for the large cast provided even coverage across the stage,” adds Peter, “with a center array of six Wavefront Precision Mini flown to provide center downfill, combined with a further eight WPM mounted into the stage apron for front fills to ensure even horizontal coverage across the width of the proscenium.”

Explaining his relationship with Martin Audio and experience with MLA, Autograph Sound Designer Nick Lidster said, “As in Regent Park, I wanted very accurate control of the audio energy reaching the auditorium seating and to minimize the sound either spilling or reflecting off the walls. So, I chose the Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker system that was first developed for large outdoor festivals in the UK where multiple stages are right next door to each other, and they want the spill from each area and offsite to be minimal.

“In terms of Wavefront Precision overall, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this PA, it’s just amazing. I really appreciate the seamless transitions between the WPC and WPM cabinets, combined with the impact those boxes have on the listening experience. I just got back from a difficult show in Boston where we used the Wavefront Precision and I could not imagine having used any other PA in that venue.”

“When it came to the Lyric Opera,” Nick continues, “An opera house acoustic is designed to aid the unamplified voice, and they usually resonate nicely in the vocal range. Of course, this is unhelpful for amplified musical theater or rock shows, where you want a neutral room acoustic and short reverb time for maximum intelligibility.

“I could see, when I walked into the auditorium, that there were vast flat walls and plaster surfaces everywhere, it was clear that to be successful, I needed a way to avoid the architecture as much as possible.

“The MLA’s control software and steering capabilities mean that you can keep the energy away from the roof and walls and focus the sound into individual seating areas.

“I’ve used Martin Audio’s technology to maximize sound pressure at the seat and to remove as much of the reverb and reflection from the room as I can. That’s not to say it has gone altogether, but hopefully the direct sound from the loudspeakers overpowers that room acoustic before it becomes a significant factor.

“MLA is a really impressive system and the various elements have all integrated really well on this project, so I’m VERY pleased. The support from Nigel at Martin Audio and Peter from OSA has helped make for an enjoyable and successful production

Summing up, Peter adds, “As far as the Lyric Opera staff is concerned, they thought It was the best sounding shows they’ve ever had in the theater. For Nick, it was very consistent with the way the production sounded in Regent Park. He was very happy and has a lot of confidence in Martin Audio.”

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“OSA Supports Chicago Opera Production of Jesus Christ Superstar with Martin Audio” by Martin Audio Ltd.

Chicago Lyric Opera Taps Axient® Digital for Jesus Christ Superstar

NILES, IL, June 14, 2018—The first North American production of the acclaimed 2016 London revival of Jesus Christ Superstar took place at Chicago Lyric Opera for a four-week run. Billed as Lyric Opera’s annual spring musical, this ambitious staging of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice rock opera featured an all-star cast supported by an operatic chorus and six-piece rock band, requiring 74 wireless microphone channels.Nick Lidster, sound designer from the creative team at Autograph that staged the show’s revival in London’s Regents Park, worked with senior sound engineer Peter Wiejaczka of OSA International to create a viable rock-based musical within the challenging acoustical confines of the Lyric Opera House. They opted to work with Shure Axient® Digital as the primary wireless system for the production.“This production was quite a significant step up from the show we’d done in London, going from a cast of 27 to needing over 50 radio microphones,” says Lidster. “We had the opportunity to work with Shure’s latest product, Axient Digital, including factory support here in its hometown of Chicago, so we were happy to do that.”

For Jesus Christ Superstar, Lyric Opera used a total of 56 channels of Axient Digital, plus 18 channels of UHF-R®. All but eight transmitters were bodypacks. Of particular note was the inclusion of ADX1M Micro-Bodypack transmitters, important for the adaptive internal antenna, which automatically optimizes RF output when worn against the body. ADX transmitters also enable Axient Digital’s frequency diversity and ShowLink® remote control features. Still a few months away from general release, Shure made 12 beta-test production units available for the show.Stephanie Farina, a Chicago-based theater tech who worked in the A2 role on the production, was very impressed. “The system being digital is a big help, because you can fit more frequencies together without intermod,” she notes. “We did need to do a little work with creative antenna placements to get full coverage with a steel set in such a large space, but once we did, we used Wireless Workbench® software together with some old school methods and ended up with a solid frequency plan, including 16 backup frequencies. Not bad for downtown Chicago!”

Farina was also responsible for miking the performers, which is where the ADX1M made a strong impression. “With no external antenna, I was a little skeptical of the ADX packs at first, but they worked flawlessly for us,” she continued. “I love that the mic connector is recessed. Because of how small and sleek they are, with rounded corners, it makes my life easier with costume and wardrobe, and the actors love them.”

Nick Lidster was similarly appreciative. “With the Axient Digital micro-pack on the lead performers and standard AD1 packs for the rest of the main ensemble, plus eight handhelds, we have 54 simultaneous microphone channels running. It’s been clean as a whistle from the time we pushed up the faders on the first day, so I’ve been very pleased,” he reports.

The new Axient Digital AD610 Access Point was also deployed, enabling the system’s ShowLink remote management system for the ADX1M Micro-Bodypacks. This lets the sound engineer monitor and change all transmitter functions remotely, in real time. Even better, the system can detect and avoid interference, using ShowLink functionality in conjunction with the AXT600 Spectrum Manager for an extra measure of assurance that the show will go on as planned.

“There are a lot of little touches on the micro-packs that make my job easier,” notes Farina. “I appreciate that the buttons are on the top and bottom, and that there is no antenna to hide. And because they are small and thin and curved, they can go almost anywhere. Things like remote control, power lock, and knowing the exact battery life of the rechargeables are all great. Everything has been really reliable.”

For sound designer Nick Lidster, Axient Digital proved itself worthy in an extremely challenging application. “Working in association with Shure and OSA International on this particular show has been invaluable,” he says. “Jesus Christ Superstar requires a rock and roll aesthetic, and we had to bring a lot of technology into a very traditional opera venue to make that happen. With Axient Digital, I feel as though Shure is actually listening to theater sound designers and turning up with products that are actually intended for our specific needs.”

Following the success of this large-scale production, Chicago Lyric Opera will add 48 channels of Axient Digital receivers with ADX transmitters, ShowLink Access Points, and Shure rechargeable batteries with rackmount charging stations to its permanent sound system.

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“Chicago Lyric Opera Taps Axient Digital for Jesus Christ Superstar” by Shure

OSA Covers Adobe Summit 2018 with Martin Audio

Las Vegas, NV––Produced by PIX Productions with audio supplied by OSA International Inc., Adobe recently held the Adobe Summit 2018, a successful meeting for 13,000 digital marketers and advertisers, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

The high-powered event featured guest speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, SNL’s Leslie Jones, and Houston Texans standout JJ Watt, while OSA ensured consistent coverage and exceptional audio quality with a multifaceted Martin Audio MLA system.

According to OSA Project Manager and Systems Engineer Jamie Ransford, “At 600′ wide and 300′ deep with video displays throughout the space, we were faced with the challenge of getting uniform coverage throughout the audience while keeping the sound away from where we didn’t want it. MLA was huge in helping us avoid specific areas like the back of the screens with Display software and Hard Avoid™. Besides the PA, we only had two days to put in the system.”

The system setup was comprised of 96 MLA Compact enclosures, a total of 17 hangs varying in size between five and seven boxes per hang, in a large distributed system throughout the venue. The large square stage was supplemented by two hangs of MLA Minis in the center and 12 MLX subs ground-stacked on either side of the stage behind the screens. Martin Audio CDD12’s were used as fill speakers wherever they were needed.

Jamie explains “It was also a challenge to distribute signal because everything was so spread out, with potential cable runs of over 600 feet to reach the delay clusters. We opted to fly Merlin distribution and loudspeaker management systems throughout the hall in centralized locations so that no cable run to a speaker cluster exceeded 150 feet. Each rack also had a Focusrite Rednet D16R on a Dante network for AES distribution.”

Asked about reaction to the PA, Jamie confirms, “The system sounded great, with really even coverage from front to back and side to side, even within a very wide space.

“Everyone was very happy with the coverage, clarity and overall sound quality. Every time Martin Audio comes out with a new product, I’m just blown away. In fact, I’m looking forward to checking out the Wavefront Precision system for the first time at an upcoming corporate event we’re doing in Orlando.”

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Martin Audio MLAC Hang at Adobe Summit 2018

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“OSA Covers Adobe Summit 2018 with Martin Audio” by Martin Audio Ltd.

OSA Acquires Record Amount of Martin Audio Wavefront Precision

OSA International of Chicago, Nashville and Las Vegas recently purchased 248 Wavefront Precision Compact and Mini line array cabinets, and in doing so, attained the status as the world’s largest rental company of Martin Audio.

Commenting on the purchase OSA President Mario Educate said, “We’ve used these speaker cabinets on several shows already this quarter, and the sound quality out of the Wavefront Precision arrays is unbelievable. They bring out the subtleties of the score better than any other line array we’ve used, so the audience can really immerse themselves in the meeting experience through the audio.”

OSA already has a significant inventory of Martin Audio’s MLA Series, but Educate sees no conflict of interest, quite the opposite: “Our engineers are already proud of the work they’ve done with Martin Audio’s MLA series––the multi-cellular array technology has been a game changer in our industry and allowed us to deliver the most precise sound coverage time and time again. The Wavefront Precision series will allow our engineers to take advantage of the multi-cellular array technology but with scalable resolution, so we can reach a much broader client base. We’re excited to see how the new cabinets can complement our MLA inventory, especially by offering different resolution for delay systems.”

The purchase of Wavefront Precision was complemented by system iKON amplifiers, iK42 and iK81, as well as the new SXH218 high performance double 18″ subwoofers, the first purchase by a rental house anywhere in the world.

The BMI Latin Music Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA was one of the first events OSA used Wavefront Precision, including 14 WPC, 14 WPM and six SXH218 subwoofers. The audio crew included Brian Daily (A1), Bobby Vidales (A2) and Orlando Calzada (Monitor Engineer).

Commenting on the PA, Brian said, “The clarity and definition of the high end out of the box was phenomenal.” Orlando added, “The artists’ engineers really enjoyed the Wavefront Precision. They walked away wanting to use it on tour after hearing how it sounded at the BMI Latin Awards.”

WPC Hang at the 2018 BMI Latin Awards with OSA Audio Crew

OSA has received other positive reports, such as one from an engineer after doing back to back shows with WPC arrays: “Two completely different shows, same PA! Life was made easy with Martin Audio’s new WPC’s––from the rigging to the quality out of the box, I was extremely impressed.”

Comments echoed by Educate: “On a practical level, the compact size and light weight of the WPC enclosures will allow our engineers to design the PA more effortlessly getting the coverage and sound quality they need without worrying about the weight restrictions many venues hold. Combined with the fast flying systems, these cabinets are already in high demand.”

Dom Harter, Managing Director of Martin Audio, was quick to return the compliments: “The trust and investment made by Mario with the support from Jim Risgin and whole OSA team means a lot to Martin Audio. Our team is focused on using the Wavefront Precision systems to bring true patented optimization technology to the wider market. To hear these systems are immediately delivering jaw dropping shows is all the ratification we need.”

OSA Las Vegas with New WPC Inventory
OSA Las Vegas with New WPC Inventory
OSA Las Vegas with New WPC Inventory

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“OSA Acquires Record Amount of Martin Audio Wavefront Precision” by Martin Audio Ltd.

OSA Surpasses Expectations with Martin Audio MLA at Nu Skin Event

The premier anti-aging company Nu Skin has grown from its humble beginnings in Provo, UT in 1984. The company now distributes its products in 54 markets worldwide through a network of close to 1.2 million independent distributors. Every two years, the NYSE-listed company holds a four-day event with a dynamic mix of philanthropy, business sessions, recognition and entertainment.

For the past decade, Nu Skin has turned to Atlanta-based Executive Visions Inc. (EVI) and its large team of producers and creative thinkers to create an exciting and memorable event. For 2017, EVI President & CEO Michael Marto had something very special in mind. “Nu Skin is an especially rewarding company to work with,” says Marto, “as the culture of empowerment, opportunity and being a Force for Good influences everything they do. We wanted to weave an experience unlike any other that broke new ground for a customized corporate event and told the whole Nu Skin story.”

Of particular importance was addressing the difficult audience of Millennials. Marto expands, “We wanted to use a massive social program to attract young people to the company as part of a strategy for growth for Nu Skin. We didn’t have Maroon 5 and Hans Zimmer just because they are colossal global talents, but also because they speak especially clearly to a millennial audience through the international languages of music and movies.”

In keeping with their high standards, EVI contracted OSA International of Chicago, Nashville and Las Vegas to provide audio for the Nu Skin LIVE! event held at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, UT. In turn, the team opted for a comprehensive Martin Audio MLA speaker system to provide smooth, even coverage and pristine sound quality throughout a challenging 270-degree listening environment.

According to OSA’s Audio Designer and Mix Engineer Carmen Educate, “The venue posed the usual design challenges present in an arena including hard reflective surfaces and a large cavernous ceiling. We also needed to avoid blocking a complex lighting rig and a large automated LED video walls that sat behind the stage, which meant running the system with the speakers about 40 ft. above the deck, much higher than a typical concert setup. Additionally, we had to avoid spilling audio onto the stage which had a large thrust that extended into the audience.

“The sound quality had to be perfect since we not only had high level executives speaking through the PA but we were also providing audio support for various entertainment sessions including talent and awards shows, a special concert by Maroon 5, and a finale headlined by composer Hans Zimmer and his band with members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony. The setup had to be designed to flow from one segment to the next seamlessly.

To accomplish this given all of the challenges, OSA designed and set up a system consisting of 15 MLA and one MLD per side as the main hangs; 11 MLA and one MLD a side for near outfills; 12 MLA Compact a side for far outfills; two hangs of seven MLA a side for delays, and a sub complement that included six flown MLX subs a side with three stacks of two MLX left and right in front of the stage and under the stage thrust.

“With a large seated audience of over 15,000 separated by the runway to the stage,” Carmen adds, “we had to make sure there was even coverage front to back and side to side without reflections or slap-back.

“Martin Audio’s MLA system is outrageously efficient which made designing for that type of large-scale venue easier. It allowed us to get into a finer resolution of how we wanted the system to perform based on its reaction in the given environment, while helping us deal effectively with on-site anomalies like banners, screens and other surfaces that block audio and inhibit the sound.

“The system performed beautifully,” Carmen concludes. “All of the engineers were ecstatic about how well MLA sounded. Getting the proximity effect and punch everyone was looking for with its higher trim height really set MLA apart, and allowed us to surpass the audio standards required by the event on every level.”

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Photo credit: Suzanne Teresa for EVI

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“OSA Surpasses Expectations with Martin Audio MLA at Nu Skin Event” by Martin Audio Ltd.

Cabo Wabo Cantina Upgrades with Martin Audio WPC

Cabo San Lucas, MX––Sammy Hagar’s legendary Cabo Wabo Cantina recently underwent an audio upgrade with a Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Compact system just in time for the Red Rocker’s ‘Red ‘Till I’m Dead – Sammy Hagar’s Rock-N-Roll Birthday Bash.’

Celebrating Sammy’s 70th birthday, the annual fan pilgrimage was filmed for a movie simulcast in 100 U.S. theaters with a list of guest stars that included Toby Keith, James Hetfield, Dave Grohl, Jimmy Chesney, Eddie Money, Chad Kroger, Bob Weir, Jerry Cantrell and Alex Gonzalez of Mana.

Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision line array introduces a scalable approach to resolution and control of coverage functioning with external, dedicated multi-channel amplifiers in a uniquely flexible, upgradeable, and financially accessible system. The more cabinets with dedicated amplifier channels, the higher the resolution and scale of coverage control achievable.

The Wavefront system for Cabo Wabo was designed and commissioned by Jim Risgin of OSA International, Inc. working in collaboration with local contractors and Martin Audio Distributor Audio Acoustica. Initially founded in 1990, Cabo Wabo needed a new PA system after 27 years, especially given the Birthday Bash was coming up in the near future.

According to Jim, who installed and tuned the system, ‘Martin Audio WPC was chosen because it was the proper form factor, right size and had a good aesthetic look for the club. They needed a substantial PA, so we flew six WPC boxes a side with four SX218 subs mounted in the front face of the stage. The monitor complement includes four Martin Audio XE500s and four XE300s.’

The XE Series monitors feature Martin Audio’s unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology and are designed as a complete system that maximizes the capability of the monitor while ensuring both engineer and artist will experience the same high level of consistent performance from an XE monitor anywhere in the world.

‘The system will be used 365 days a year and we fully anticipate the reliability to be great,’ Jim explains. ‘There’s a grand total of nine iKON iK42 amps installed for system control and DSP tuning is all done inside the amps. We used 2-box per channel resolution which worked out well, the coverage is spot on. All and all, the system did what we wanted it to do and more.’

Asked about reaction to the WPC system’s performance, Jim responds: ‘Everyone is really happy with it. The club manager and Sammy’s partner Jorge Viana was ecstatic about the way it sounded and how well it worked for the venue. The house sound guys were very impressed by WPC’s performance and capabilities and they’re looking forward to mixing on it every day.’

On first encountering the XE Series monitors Jim recalls, ‘Sammy walked up to the wedges, sang a phrase, looked over at Jim Jorgensen, his monitor engineer, and said, ‘I’ve never heard myself like that before.’ Then he looked at me and asked, ‘are you the guy who’s responsible for this PA?’ before thanking me and saying, ‘First time I’ve ever heard myself in here.’

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“Cabo Wabo Cantina Upgrades with Martin Audio WPC” by Martin Audio Ltd.