Broadcast-Quality Graphics at AirFest 2016

The Big Picture: Technology Reshaping Air Shows

OSA International, Inc., in partnership with Reality Check Systems and TrellisWare Technologies, helped to pilot an air show video wall system with broadcast-quality graphics featuring real-time footage, team biographies, aircraft information, social media, sponsor commercials, PSAs and more for the Tampa Bay AirFest at MacDill Air Force Base this past March. Focusing on the rewards and challenges of offering a big screen at an air show, Ric Peterson’s “The Big Picture: Technology Reshaping Air Shows” in Air Shows Magazine is an excellent read on the rewards and challenges of offering a big screen to audiences like that of the Tampa Bay AirFest, as well as reaching fans through smaller screens including mobile devices.

Peterson explains:

“Today’s air show has evolved well beyond pitching a lawn chair and ogling aircraft. Technology is reshaping our industry and, while large screens may be too expensive for most, there is a rapidly growing expectation that we offer them. Most other outdoor events already use at least one big screen along with the creative use of small screens such as smart phones, tablets and wearable devices. Some within our industry have designed apps while other performers and shows are taking advantage of Twitter and YouTube’s live-streaming options. They all have their rewards and challenges.

“I’ll start big.

“Nothing beats the impact of a big screen to create maximum impact, entertain your fans, increase advertising effectiveness, give promotions the extra punch and connect with your crowd..”

Media Solutions [powered by OSA] supplied two large 7.8mm LED walls at 40′ wide x 20′ tall, a 4K broadcast engineering system, LED distribution system, high-def cameras and more for the Tampa Bay AirFest. With RCS providing the graphics, OSA and RCS were able to create a mobile broadcast studio and the largest-scale live production in air show history. This level of scope typically requires a large outside broadcast truck.

Peterson quoted Angel Banchs, Director of Engineering for Media Solutions [powered by OSA] and technical coordinator for the video system at the Tampa Bay AirFest, several times throughout.

Banchs starts with the fan perspective:

“We had a bit of inclement weather on Saturday. The beauty of the system is that we were able to immediately put up a live weather map of the upcoming thunderstorm. We were able to show the audience that they should head to the first aid hangars for their safety. Nothing got the audience’s attention like seeing the coming band of thunderstorms in real time. This was one of the features that the security forces thought brought a tremendous level of safety to the AirFest.

“The system also allowed us to do a two-window style split on the screens. Because we had so many angles on the action, we were able to not only highlight the acts currently performing, but also the performers who were up next, keeping the audience engaged at all times.

“We provided three long lens cameras to get closer to the action. With our longest lens, we could clearly see right down to the edge of runway 22 at MacDill. We were able to keep an eye on the aircraft much further away than audience members. This kept the audiences engaged even when they could not see the aircraft on their own. With multiple angles on the action, we were able to get reactions from the crowd as well as performers when they returned from their performances. We were also able to grab shots of performers signing autographs and engaging with the crowd. Audiences loved the NASCAR style victory laps we were able to film in front of the air boss stand. We were also able to turn the camera on the audience and invite them into the show. We did several audience shots to let them know that they were an important part of the AirFest. Kids and parents loved seeing themselves up on the jumbo screens. Everyone loves to see kids engaged and in awe of the amazing performances happening right in front of them.”

OSA used TrellisWare Technologies, a San-Diego based military radio communications contractor, to assist in attaching the cameras to the flying aircraft and aerial performers. Multiple video feeds from as high as 13,000 feet were sent out over IP to a decoder in the broadcast control room, giving the attendees an intimate view of the action.

Banchs continues:

“TrellisWare Technologies were able to put cameras everywhere we wanted and more. The TrellisWare guys are usually down range helping Navy SEALs and Special Forces guys with their live field communications. They provide communications in critical situations. This is why we thought they would be a perfect fit for the AirFest. Jumbo LED screens were provided by OSA Media Solutions who set up two 40 x 20 foot LED screens to project all of the aforementioned action to our audience members. The screens are all weather and high definition. This allowed us to present our show in the highest quality possible. The screens are modular so they can be built in any size desired. The two screens were set up at either end of the show line to reach as many audience members as possible.”

Peterson continues to discuss both the rewards and challenges of offering both big screens like OSA provided at the Tampa Bay AirFest and little screens like smaller display monitors and apps. Air Shows Magazine is an award-winning publication for ICAS members. For more information, visit

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About RCS

Reality Check Systems (RCS) ignites on-air viewing experiences for some of the most-watched events events on television. With offices in Los Angeles and London, RCS partners with the world’s leading sports leagues, federations, networks and social media giants to fuel audience engagement through a customized fusion of dynamic graphics, real-time data and social media. To give shape to each client’s unique vision, RCS develops sophisticated graphics and production systems that can be seamlessly deployed in a wide array of professional environments.

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TrellisWare Technologies is a global leader in highly advanced communication algorithms, waveforms, and communication systems that work when nothing else does. TrellisWare provides solutions to communication problems with products that are used in military and commercial settings worldwide. Learn more at

Veterans Memorial Park Sound System

Village of South Holland Brings in OSA Integrated Solutions to Create an Extraordinary Sound Experience at Veterans Memorial Park

In May 2015, the Village of South Holland chose OSA Integrated Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., to design and install a comprehensive sound system throughout its Veterans Memorial Park. The Veterans Memorial Park is where the community gathers for several events held throughout each year — sporting, festivals, marathons and many more. Over the years, South Holland spent thousands of dollars to bring in rental audio systems and services for each event. The permanent installation significantly reduces costs as well as meets multiple needs.

Veterans Memorial Park is a multifunctional site with a stage, playground, baseball fields, Veterans Memorial Circle, and green open spaces. South Holland needed a system to accommodate the many facets of the park, such as providing audio for simultaneous baseball games, musical events and entertainment, parades, festivals and other activities.

OSA Integrated Solutions designed a custom system to support any given event and provide stellar sound quality throughout the park. The OSA team installed Soundweb BSS DSP sound processors and its engineers programmed the system with multiple zones of audio to accommodate the various areas. The system was chosen because of sound quality, versatility, and the simple to use interface. OSA engineers designed an easy and intuitive interface using Soundweb touch screen and iPad application to allow the village to control sound levels for individual zones, as well as reach the entire park, from a remote location.

OSA installed 14 JBL AWC129 all-weather coaxial audio speakers throughout the park. The JBL speakers have a 90 x 90 degree dispersion pattern with exceptional frequency response. OSA’s lead sound engineer tuned the speaker to ensure the sound would have tonal balance and vocal clarity.

The project was completed in June and has been used for many events over the summer, including the numerous 4th of July festivities. The Village of South Holland is happy and positive about the system, sound, and overall usability.

“We found the OSA team to be very knowledgeable, responsive to our needs, and patient,” said the Village of South Holland’s Director of Public Relations & Marketing Mary Ann Thorton. “We look forward to working with OSA again in the near future.”

Technology Installed at Veterans Memorial Park in the Village of South Holland:

  • Soundweb BSS Blu-100 Audio Processor
  • (4) QSC ISA800Ti Amplifiers
  • Denon DN-300Z CD/AM/FM System
  • Housed in Middle Atlantic Rack
  • (2) Shure SLX24/SM58 Wireless Mic Systems
  • Shure Lavalier Mics
  • (4) Shure UA8-518-578 Antennas
  • (14) JBL AWC129 All Weather CoAxial Speakers

Photo Gallery

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Outdoor Audio System

Sonic Outdoor Oasis Designed & Installed by OSA Integrated Solutions

When homeowners in the northern Chicago suburbs renovated their outdoor property, they turned to OSA Integrated Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., to design, configure and install a high-tech audio system throughout their stunning picturesque garden.

The homeowners recently expanded their property and designed an inspiring landscape for entertaining during the warmer months. Upon completion of the gardens, they wanted to upgrade the sound system, which originally consisted of a handful of faux rock speakers around the pool, to extend across the entire property.

As of June 2015, the expansive outdoor area is equipped with a fully automated, sophisticated audio system to create an extraordinary sound experience. OSA designed the configuration and installed the impressive, scalable Sonance SLS Landscape speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. The SLS system blends in, out-of-sight, positioned strategically under plants, flowers and foliage, and delivers an even, high-quality sound. OSA also installed a Ruckus ZoneFlex Dual-Band Wi-Fi Outdoor Access Point to easily access music, a Savant Matrix Switcher and Controller, SurgeX power protection and Middle Atlantic 38-Space Multi-Bay Rack.

The homeowners’ first experience with OSA was in June 2014. OSA was brought in to design and install a full-home automated audio and video system controlled by SAVANT utilizing iPads for control devices. When it was time to expand their outdoor media, they came back to OSA. Utilizing the Savant controllers again allows for a fully integrated system for both indoors and outdoors, allowing the owners to control all the audio and video systems on the property from their iPads.

Before engaging OSA, the homeowners had to contend with multiple types of remotes and control systems on the property. Upon completion of the outdoor pond addition, pool house and swimming pool renovations, the homeowners now have a simple to use system for the main house and outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Audio System Equipment:

  • (36) Sonance LS48SAT Outdoor Satellite Speakers
  • (2) Sonance LSV10 10″ In Ground Subwoofers
  • (5) Sonance LSV10SUB In-Ground Subwoofers
  • (7) Sonance DSP-2-750 Amplifiers
  • (1) Ruckus ZoneFlex Dual-Band Wi-Fi Outdoor Access Point
  • (1) Savant Matrix Switcher and Controller
  • (1) Middle Atlantic 38-Space Multi-Bay Rack

Photo Gallery

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BP Booth at the 21st World Petroleum Congress

Taking Tradeshow Exhibits to New Heights

Planning for the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Krasnogrosk, Moscow, OSA International, Inc. worked with one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies to create a tradeshow exhibit that not only set the company apart visually but also welcomed attendees with an engaging environment. The company and its production company approached OSA to execute the complex and custom technology, which was the key element to execute the vision.


With a reputation of being at the forefront of technology and engineering, driven by the industry’s top talent, OSA was the partner of choice for this project. Looking to take its exhibit to the next level, the company looked to OSA for consultation on the technology direction, design, programming and implementation.

An exciting project, the OSA team set the plan in motion to make the company’s vision a reality using the latest in today’s technology.


As the design engineers and technical support went to work on the unique and cutting-edge exhibit, OSA faced challenges. The production company required all equipment to come from a company in Germany – making it necessary to build and test the exhibit in Germany and then send to Moscow for the conference. Working together across continents and then coming together in harmony on-site, the OSA engineers and the German manufacturer were ready to go on time and within budget.

The Solution

Ultimately, the company wanted a state-of-the-art exhibit with a simple setup and complete content control so any video could be played on-demand on any display within the innovative, two-story, steel trade show booth surrounded in curved LED video displays and interactive kiosks.

OSA designed, programmed and engineered the booth with the following technology:

  • Centralized HD-Base T solution to support audio, video, and internet
  • Serial control with up to 4K signals based around an 80 X 80 Matrix router with Salvos
  • Curved 4K monitors over a curved LED background
  • Projection mapping with surround sound (2K)
  • Transparent 55″ monitors over a 90” background
  • One video wall of 16″ X 60″ seamless displays
  • 8 X 70 video stations
  • Touchscreen informational kiosks
  • 60 channels of video playback with audio, with 4-8 synched playback across channels to maintain a high resolution

OSA was the only partner the company approached for this challenging and exciting project. OSA’s proven record in engineering design and execution, as well as its ability to react and adapt to changes quickly were instrumental in the company’s decision to work with OSA.

About OSA International, Inc.

OSA International, Inc. has a reputation for its client-centric approach to every event, and for a 3rd year is proud to have provided audio engineering and equipment for this event. The OSA team understands it’s their job to make the planning and execution of an event easier for their client. Working as a partner, the team assesses the overall project, such as the venue, audience, and types of presentation, and then selects the best audio solution for the venue and audience to exceed client and attendee expectations.

Audio, Video & Broadcast Streaming for Gamers Conference

A Conference Designed for Gamers

Not your typical annual corporate conference, OSA’s client, one of the top entertainment companies in the world, walked in with a vision to create an immersive, technologically advanced environment for its fans. The audience, approximately 26,000 gamers both in attendance and online, looks forward to this event every year – so much so the conference was sold out in less than 10 seconds.


Each year, this conference takes its conference to the next level, and this year put it over the top with interactive panel discussions and demonstrations, game previews, announcements, live gaming competitions between gamers at the venue and all over the world, and world-class entertainment.


When approached to take on this massive event, OSA was honored to execute this highly complex and technologically advanced conference and make it happen for its client.

Executing an event of this magnitude requires the highest level of technical services and the talent behind the technology – this is where OSA comes into play. To ensure the complex audio, video and broadcasting services performed seamlessly, OSA designed a powerful master control room. The client was more than impressed with the design and the aesthetic layout that they subsequently chose to showcase it behind glass for all the attendees to see the high-tech capabilities of the conference.

Within the walls of master control, OSA made all the magic happen and delivered extraordinary sound quality and seamless video feeds throughout every room of the conference and online broadcast feeds. From this impressive technical hub, the OSA team routed content and audio to every area throughout the convention center. OSA interfaced with the LED walls in each IP area, to the e-sports stages via ESL and to other locations such as the entrances and various monitors throughout the event, as well as to the broadcast trucks, satellite backups and all encoders set up for webcasting of the virtual ticket.


A first-time event for OSA, the client heard and saw a difference from previous years and was excited about the results. The client was impressed with the audio team for delivering the highest quality sound experience for the audience and supporting its world-class entertainment for the conference. The video feeds were smooth and on point as well as continuous broadcast feeds without interruptions, were another positive aspect to the event.

OSA’s goal is to exceed client expectations for every show and was thrilled at its clients’ positive reaction as well as being able to overcome the issues the client experienced in previous years.

About OSA International, Inc.

OSA International, Inc. has a reputation for its client-centric approach to every event, and for a 3rd year is proud to have provided audio engineering and equipment for this event. The OSA team understands it’s their job to make the planning and execution of an event easier for their client. Working as a partner, the team assesses the overall project, such as the venue, audience, and types of presentation, and then selects the best audio solution for the venue and audience to exceed client and attendee expectations.

Tour Sound for Steely Dan's Jamalot Ever After Tour provided by OSA

OSA International, Inc. on the Road with Steely Dan

2014 Jamalot Ever After Tour

When it comes to sound production, audio professionals around the world want to be apart of the Steely Dan experience. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are notorious for demanding the highest sound quality, with the expectations their live shows sound as good as their recordings. The pursuit of audio perfection was a challenge the OSA team was honored and thrilled to take on.

While touring in 2013, Fagen, Becker and Steely Dan FOH Engineer Mark Dowdle experienced Martin Audio’s MLA sound system at the Ravinia Festival Pavilion (installed and designed by OSA). Wanting to learn more about the system, Dowdle and Tour sound icon Robert “Nitebob” Czaykowski, Steely Dan’s road manager, went to an MLA demo sponsored by OSA in New York. Soon after, OSA was approached about touring with Steely Dan to provide the MLA sound system and engineering for the 2014 Jamalot Ever After Tour. Travelling across the U.S. and Canada for three months to support the 56-date tour, the OSA team used Martin Audio’s groundbreaking Multi-Cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) and faithfully delivered Dowdle’s audio design for every show.

Why OSA?

OSA has the largest inventory of MLA in North America, along with the expertise of how to operate the impressive sound system and maximize its capabilities. Martin Audio brought in OSA’s CEO and Founder Mario Educate and senior OSA engineers to test and provide feedback during the early stages of the MLA design and development.

“When we first heard and worked with MLA, even in its beta stage, we knew it was the future of sound systems,” said Educate. “We have seen MLA become the most sought-after sound system for all types of events. The quality, consistency, and precision (in any environment), makes this the most exciting technology the audio industry has seen in decades. When operated by engineers who truly know the system, it for artists such as Fagen and Becker and others who demand audio perfection.”

While the MLA technology is the top of the line in sound systems, it’s important to have the talent who can engineer and operate the system. For the Jamalot tour, OSA’s Senior Director of Engineering Martyn “Ferrit” Rowe was the tour crew chief and MLA engineer for Steely Dan. Prior to joining OSA, Rowe was the MLA product specialist at Martin Audio. His expertise of the system and previous touring credentials, such as Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath, KISS, The Who, Elton John, and The Police, was a valuable combination on tour. He played a critical role, along with Dowdle and OSA’s System Technician Bob Alumbaugh, in executing the sound production.

“A veteran audio pro myself, it truly was an honor to be part of the audio engineering team for Becker and Fagan,” says Rowe. “Their strive for perfection in sound production is why audiophiles and pro audio engineers use Steely Dan tracks to tune their systems, and I had the opportunity to work with the real deal.”

“They are studio cats who expect to deliver the same quality in their live shows, which we achieved,” continues Rowe. “MLA allowed us to solve many of the issues a conventional PA wouldn’t be able to do, particularly in realms of consistency for the engineer. The technology allows the engineer to achieve his/her mix and translate the mix moves throughout the entire audience zone unlike other systems.”

More About MLA

MLA breaks the current paradigm for speaker design by looking at the audience listening area, and the intuitive software and Multi-Cellular Drive delivers stellar coverage for the user-defined audience area (default is +/- ½ dB over that area). The capabilities of the MLA technology have set a benchmark for the future of speaker system designs, giving the engineer the ability to project the performance to exact locations all while delivering consistent quality for the audience wherever they are seated – the front row sounds as good as the farthest seat to deliver an extraordinary experience for the entire audience.

Another benefit of MLA is the amount of equipment required to deliver the ultimate sound experience. The vast capabilities of the system and the technology, require less gear than typical systems to cover an arena. The Jamalot 56-date tour only required two trucks travelling across North America, with MLA not even occupying on full trailer. The cost savings and logistics management are a significant advantage for any tour or event.


Dowdle was pleased with the high volume of positive comments from the audience about the sound quality. At the closing of each show, as they filed past the audio booth, Dowdle was told how good the mix was delivered. Over the three months, there were many positive concert reviews published across the country about the superior performance and sound quality – “Jam Magazine Online” stated it was “audio perfection.” Day in and day out Mark Dowdle delivered a stellar mix on the MLA system.

More About Steely Dan’s 2014 Jamalot Summer Tour

Download article “Pursuit of Perfection” as seen in Live Sound Magazine.

Video featuring extended interviews with Steely Dan’s FOH engineer and the OSA technical crew to learn about the touring experience using MLA.

Check out the image gallery of the OSA and Steely Dan Tour.

About OSA International, Inc.

OSA International, Inc. has a reputation for its client-centric approach to every event, and for a 3rd year is proud to have provided audio engineering and equipment for this event. The OSA team understands it’s their job to make the planning and execution of an event easier for their client. Working as a partner, the team assesses the overall project, such as the venue, audience, and types of presentation, and then selects the best audio solution for the venue and audience to exceed client and attendee expectations.

OSA International, Inc. and VEP Events, LLC Take Audio to a New Level in Corporate Events

“Other audio companies in the industry have a lot of catch up to do when comparing the audio technology and engineering OSA International offers,” says Managing Director Henry Marshall of VEP Events.”

Imagine a corporate event for 11,000 people in a single layer exhibit hall with partial carpeting, cement flooring, and hard walls with the main attractions varying from talking heads to live entertainment, each of which create significant acoustical challenges… and, you are the producer.

In 2000, the largest real estate franchise company in North America turned to VEP Events, LLC, a full-service event production company, to produce their two annual shows. Fourteen years ago, the events had no more than 600 attendees with six powered speakers on sticks and two 7.5 x 10-foot screens. Today, these shows have grown into full production events with extraordinary set designs utilizing the latest video and multimedia technology, lighting, and a state of the art sound system to excite and engage an audience of 11,000-plus real estate professionals.

Each year, the company holds its training camp in the fall and its sales meeting for franchisees and recruitment in the winter, both of which bring approximately 11,000 attendees. An event of this magnitude takes considerable planning and coordination between VEP Events and the sub-contractors involved in the production, including video and multimedia displays, content, stage sets, and audio design and reinforcement. As these events have grown, the prevalent challenge is the audio design and engineering due to the variety of presentations and world-class entertainment as well as the venue, which is why OSA International, Inc. was brought to the table three years ago.

“Other audio companies in the industry have a lot of catch up to do when comparing the audio technology and engineering OSA offers,” says Managing Director Henry Marshall of VEP Events. “OSA has the largest inventory of the Martin Audio MLA (Multi-Cellular Line Array) sound system in the U.S., and a top-notch team with the expertise to execute flawlessly. This groundbreaking MLA technology eliminates the acoustical challenges for any event and delivers extraordinary sound quality – so much so my client recognized the difference and was more than impressed during our last event.”

Annual Sales Meeting
In February 2014, the client held their annual sales meeting at the Phoenix Convention Center. The vision within the main room was to create a dynamic and versatile environment within the 260,000 square foot, single layer, exhibit hall style room with aluminum walls and partial carpeting. During the five day event, the main room had to support talking heads, concerts, dinners and parties, requiring multiple seating and configuration dynamics in order to hold the variety of events in a single space. The design created an audience area over 250-feet deep by 450-feet wide, without bleachers or risers, challenging the audio engineers to fill the room with impeccable sound quality for both the spoken word as well as entertainment performances by world-class artists, such as this year’s artist Kenny Loggins. In previous years, the client brought in other top name performers, such as Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oates, Paul Thorne, Kelly Gray, and Tommy Emmanual. Many of their own A1 engineers have a difficult time mixing a room requiring delays as these type of venues often require, and it’s important to have the right system in place to make sure the entertainment sounds as it should.

Exceeding the Client’s Expectations
With the goal of exceeding the client’s expectations, the OSA team and A1 Harold Blumberg of Blumberg Sound Design brought in the highly advanced MLA sound system, had it up, and running in a single day. With the accuracy of the modeling software used in the MLA system in calculating and creating the DSP settings for each cluster, the team had few corrective actions to tune the system to peak performance.

“Having supplied audio solutions for this event in the past using standard line array systems, offered us a great opportunity to see how the Cellular Drive Technology in MLA functioned when we compared results year to year.” says Vice President Jim Risgin of OSA International, Inc. “Of course the sonic results were amazing. This groundbreaking technology in the hands of the mixers delivered outstanding performance and sonic quality, regardless of location in the sound field, and was noticed by everyone – attendees, presenters and performers.”

The MLA sound system delivers superior and consistent sound to exact locations with precision and clarity in any venue, regardless of floor plan dimensions, height and structure, unlike any other sound system available today. It gives the audience the same experience whether they are in the front row or seated in the back, ensuring the message is heard.

“Ultimately, being the audio engineer I am, to this day I am still amazed by the sound quality when I hear an MLA system deployed. It still puts a smile on my face every time.”

Unlike other line arrays, the MLA system also reduces the number of speaker clusters required to cover the vast audience and accommodate the numerous seating configurations. Ultimately, saving the client time and money, as it requires less rigging, local labor, and significant time savings to install and balance this complex sound system because of its accurate prediction, sound control and fidelity.

In addition to the main room, there were four breakout rooms. OSA provided both Martin Audio and JBL/Crown sound systems for the smaller breakout rooms with audiences ranging from 1,500 to over 3,500 per room. These rooms were used for additional meetings, awards banquets and training sessions. One of the breakout rooms required the MLA sound system to accommodate the aluminum acoustics and deliver quality sound.

“Bottom line is the MLA system overcomes the challenges audio engineers have faced for years,” says Marshall. “Corporate audiences are more difficult to impress, yet they recognized the difference in the system and we received positive responses. The MLA precision and sound quality is truly unmatched, and I can’t image going to back to another system after this experience.”

It is no surprise with consistent and superior results as this OSA is seeing the demand quickly grow for the MLA system. More and more producers, technical directors, event planners, and audio engineers are hearing the difference and audience response to the system.

About OSA International, Inc.
OSA International, Inc. has a reputation for its client-centric approach to every event, and for a 3rd year is proud to have provided audio engineering and equipment for this event. The OSA team understands it’s their job to make the planning and execution of an event easier for their client. Working as a partner, the team assesses the overall project, such as the venue, audience, and types of presentation, and then selects the best audio solution for the venue and audience to exceed client and attendee expectations.

About VEP Events, LLC
VEP Events is a full service event production company. Established in 1993, VEP is an eclectic collection of creative, technical, and operations experts. We Build Awesome! Our expert services include, Show Management, Design and Engineering, Audio/Visual, Projection, Lighting, Rigging, Widescreen Graphics, Animation & Digital Media, Business Theater, and Custom Décor. We are a preeminent agency ready to assist you; contact our office to discuss your next event and discover the VEP difference for yourself.