Our Story

OSA is Your Trusted Partner

The Beginning
Initially, our clients came to OSA International for our premier audio solutions, designed and operated by the most experienced engineers in the industry. It didn’t take long before our clients asked us to provide full-service technical and production services, so they could work with a single partner they trusted. Today, we provide complete technical services to some of the largest sporting events and concert tours in the U.S., such as the NBA and BMI Music Awards.

For years, we provided impressive multimedia and video displays for our clients, using the latest in LED, projection, video and lighting, and more. In 2011, we took this division to a new level when OSA International purchased Media Solutions – one of the most reputable multimedia and video display companies in the industry and known for the highly skilled talent behind the technology. The breadth of expertise in this area gives our clients more creative freedom – the only limitation is your imagination.

Our experience and expertise in all areas of technical services for live events and entertainment gives our clients the opportunity to choose how they want to work with us, whether it is full-service production, high-end audio, or powerful multimedia and video displays. However you choose to engage us, you can feel confident knowing you are working with industry legend professionals who will execute your vision.

Creating the ultimate experience is our job, and we do what it takes to make it simple for you.