Our Approach

Exceeding Our Clients’ Expectations

OSA International, Inc. takes pride in its worldwide reputation for excellence and is dedicated to consistently exceeding your expectations every step of the way. We provide more than solutions, we provide a dedicated team of industry legends with the knowledge and expertise to consult you in the direction, technology, design support, technical services, and final execution.

Powered by OSA means we offer a variety of live event and entertainment technical services, allowing us to tailor a solution specifically for your project. You choose how you want to partner with us, whether it is full-service production, high-end audio solutions, or multimedia and video displays.

Our approach to each project is to be client-centric. You are assigned an experienced project manager who manages the detailed planning, from pre-production to post review, and maintains the overall budget. Your complete OSA team consists of experienced designers, engineers, and technicians, who work closely with your team to define goals, concepts, and final design to take your project from conception through execution.

We have a reputation of taking the most innovative ideas and creating an environment to exceed your expectations and resonate with the audience, whether it is a corporate or special event, exhibition hall, meeting, or a live performance.